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  (It's a) WACKO WORLD Scratch Vocal, not a Pro!

                                                                by Cy Green & Jimmy Miller






OK, This is really a BLUES song.




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             Even in a poor economy - YOU CAN STILL HATE YOUR JOB!




               (It's a) Wacko World

              This is an ATTITUDE song!





Have you ever worked - really worked for a fool?

I said, have you ever worked - worked for one dumb fool?

Now you can grin and bear it

or take that boy to school!


Oh it's a Wacko World - bosses rule us all

I said it's a Wacko World - bosses rule us all.

And it really is a shame now

their brains are much too small!     


Now I go to work and I do my job

I pray there is a heaven 

and I know there's a God

But when I'm feelin' I could 

blow my stack

I take a stiff drink, 'cause 

I like it like that.


It's a Wacko World - angels where are you?

I said it's a Wacko World - angels where are you?

I need you to swoop down from the heavens

and take away my mood!




You know my bosses brain fits right on a pin.

I said his brain is small - fits right on a pin.

And if he gets any dumber,

he will know the mood I'm in!

Now he has used me up. Help me, help me Lord.

He has used me up. Help me, help me Lord.

You see my heart is full of passion,

I just can't take no more!


 Oh I'll smack him once - better make it twice!

Then slug-a-dub dub him 'til he's outta' my sight.

The man's so ugly ....









   Suggested Artists:

    Buddy Guy                         Eddie C Campbell                     Leon Brooks



       Joe Cocker                                  



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