ORIGINAL Jazz Tunes Composed by Jimmy Miller & Cy Green

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Hooray  for the Non - Performing Songwriter. They were once the cream of music and have produced  most of the Great American Songbook.   Bring them BACK! Enough of the POP singer/writer era.  It's turned into mush, dribble, predictability and regurgitation.



 Song #2   "A Part Of My Heart"   Buy It!





 Chicago's PATRICIA BARBER  would fit this.





                          JIMMY MILLER & CY GREEN

                                    32 years of collaboration


They are Chicago natives who are self-taught and came up the hard way. Some of their DEMO songs have been played on the radio and performed in public. Three of their songs were published in 1993. Major Jazz vocalists have shown interest ... But that one artist (group) that could really put them on the map has eluded them.


Chasing the American Songbook 

  Jim & Cy were heavily influenced by JAZZ musicians, and the GREAT music from the past from other genres. They have something that can be added to today's scene.Their roots are traditional with a new twist! The fact is, it is extremely rare when writers who do not perform, can also come up with original Jazz 'Heads' worthy of looking into.



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If you are interested in performing and/or recording any of their tunes, you will deal directly with them. They are signed to no one and own all copyrights.




Our problem with music publishers was, they didn't know what Genre to place our songs. This is not hard complex stuff, and most tunes have LYRICS. We prefer to deal directly with the Artist. If you are a publisher who has a "solid in" with Jazz people, we'd consider signing contracts again...  but man, time is running out for us. We've been there and done that.




   " A hurt and an emptiness started it all."




                We are raising money for him at this website.




These DEMOS are more than enough to entice any seasoned PRO or song PRODUCER to wanna' do them.


PLAYLIST    These Original Songs are now FOR SALE!


The Music Of Love   Bossa Nova

 Blues For Nasha    Jazz Blues

 Fantasy Lovers   Swing Beat

 An Jonine   Jazz Ballad

 Wentworth Park   Jazz

One With Him   Christian Jazz


(It's a) Wacko World   Blues/Rock

Lady Beyette    Jazz/Rock

  LYLA (Anything At All)   Jazz Ballad

 Slap Me Down   Fun Tune/ Jazz

 Come Back Sweet Jesus!   Christian Jazz


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